Gun Art from Patents

Gun Patent Art is created from digitally restored images of vintage and historically significant patents issued by the US Patent Office. Each artwork includes the name and date of the patent, the drawings and, when available, the signature of the inventor. Whether it is a patent for a vintage Browning pistol, the Gatling gun, or the M-16 rifle, you will be pleased to display the art.

Gun Patent Art is available as parchment prints to frame yourself, as framed art, or as plaques with the images reproduced in exacting detail on gold or silver metal image plates. Each style is available with a variety of options to suit your display requirements.

  • 36836
  • 158957
  • 143855
  • 22626
  • 220271
  • 306577
  • 530759
  • 3236155
  • 678274

Available Options

Parchment Prints:
  • 3 parchment colors: aged, natural and matte white
  • 4 sizes: 7X10, 8X11, 10.5X14.5, 12.5X16.5
  • 4 frame colors: mahogany, black, cherry and gold
  • 4 mat colors: black, blue, ivory and red
  • 4 matte sizes: 9X12, 11X14, 14X18 and 16X20
  • 3 parchment colors: aged, natural and white
  • Two plaque sizes: 9X12 or 12X15
  • Two plaque base colors: cherry or black
  • Two plate colors: gold or silver
Click on images or links below for illustrations of all gun art.

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